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Why use edarT

edarT's system of Vehicle Stock Management is driven by our software program called eStock.
eStock is a sophisticated, but simple to use, program which gives you, the dealer, flexibility over the maintenance of your web site stock list, whether that site is designed and hosted by us or not.
A significant, further advantage is that eStock is fully compatible with eBay Motors, motors.co.uk, Drive 24, Auto Trader, Exchange & Mart, Friday Ad and Times Online Car Locator web site advertising services*, offering you the opportunity to advertise your stock on the largest consumer motoring sites in the UK and the most prestigious.
So, how does it work?
Here you can see a few screen shots of eStock in action. To see a clearer, enlarged image, just click on it.
Here you see the main window of eStock showing all of your vehicles. If the number of vehicles on your list is more than will fit in one window then you can scroll the list.
To add a new vehicle, simply click on the appropriate Add button in the main eStock window to open a blank vehicle specification form. In the illustration, Peugeot is selected as the make, so only Peugeot models are shown in the drop down Model List.
Use the Edit button in the main eStock window to change the details of an existing vehicle and you will see the same specification form. You can specify up to eight photos to be displayed with each vehicle. Here you can see a vehicle window that has been completed with four photos.

Once your stock list is up to date you can upload it to your web site.

To transmit your changes just click on the Upload button in the main eStock window, then click the OK button.

If you advertise with eBay Motors Pro*, Auto Trader*, Exchange & Mart*, Motors.co.uk*, Piston Heads*, Friday Ad* or Times Online Car Locator* digital services, then we will transmit your stock list to them for you.

While transferring your latest vehicle changes you will see the Data Transfer window, showing the current state of the transfer and how far it has got.

Every time you use the Upload button to send us your data, we also back up your eStock data for you.

eStock is a powerful Internet enabled program for the 21st century, with the capacity to drive your sales volume up and your costs down. No dealer should be without it.
* To send your data to eBay Motors Pro, Auto Trader Digital, Exchange & Mart on-line, Motors.co.uk, Piston Heads, Friday Ad, or Times Online Car Locator you will require a separate agreement with any or all of them.